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Agency: Red Box 
Tens of thousands of pieces digital marketing creative; all market, platform and vendor-ready
How do you ensure creative consistency across work being done by multiple creative studios on the same movie launch, and how do you make the creative being produced work as hard as possible to drive brand awareness and increase intent to book? That's where I came in. 
Working closely with 20th Century Fox I created a digital toolkit package that included more than 200 pieces of digital marketing creative for every launch title. The package contained everything Fox needed to digitally market a movie; including social media skins for platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, downloadable content like desktop and mobile wallpapers, screensavers and ringtones, direct marketing pieces like HTML email templates and animated email signatures. 

My digital toolkit packages were so successful that vendors and markets were specifically asking for work to be handled by me as they knew all assets would be to-spec, easy to localise and delivered swiftly.

With a single agency now producing all the digital marketing creative assets, everything held a consistent creative style, all aligned with the marketing and communications strategy for each title. And with everything packaged into one I could offer my client a discount based on volume - they saved hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, I had a solid pipeline of work ... win-win!

Over the years I proactively worked with Fox, their vendors and the global social media partners to ensure that templates were always updated to meet the latest specs, and that platforms that were declining were replaced with new, up-coming platforms.

In order to distribute the toolkits globally, I developed and hosted a secure website that catalogued every asset, by movie title; providing efficient access to all the necessary layered prep files markets and vendors required to localise the assets, along with design mock-ups to show how the finished creative should look. In addition to the creative assets I produced, this secure website also housed advertising digital display creative made by myself and other vendors, making the website a one-stop-shop experience for Fox markets and partners around the world. 

The toolkit assets generated billions of hard-working impressions globally, and I'm proud to have worked with some of the most-loved franchises and movies seen in cinemas. 
“ When I think of Adam I think of off-the-hook creativity, client-first sensibility impressive technical ability, clockwork reliability, consistent deliverer of quality, all with a healthy dose of insanity. His work is amazing, and he’s great fun too. Without reservation, I recommend Adam 

Bettina Sherrick, SVP, Digital Strategic Marketing
20th Century Fox
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