Working with people like you Adam is what makes me walk to work faster
David Martin, President & Founder
Fantasy Interactive
When I think of Adam I think of off-the-hook creativity, client-first sensibility impressive technical ability, clockwork reliability, consistent deliverer of quality, all with a healthy dose of insanity. His work is amazing, and he’s great fun too. Without reservation, I recommend Adam.
Bettina Sherrick, SVP, Digital Strategic Marketing
20th Century Fox
Adam is a highly energetic professional who ads tremendous value to every relationship he makes with others. He is a customer focused strategist always ready to put all his energy and creativity to get the job done. He has an in-depth understanding of current trends and technology. I highly recommend working and connecting with Adam.
Alia Lachana, Business Operations Manager
Adam’s ingenuity, tenacity, and most importantly, conviction to produce great creative content make him a vendor I hope to be able to call upon for as long as possible. He is able to handle challenging projects in such a way that he is a true business partner. Without a doubt, someone I can truly recommend.
Jonathan Tavss, Digital Marketing Production Executive
20th Century Fox Filmed Entertainment
Adam is a creative designer with imagination, an eye for detail and a down to earth approach. He is a very focused professional, has the ability to translate a client’s vision with ease - a valuable asset to any team.
Fazilat Ahmed, Global Advertising Product Planner
Microsoft Online Services Group
Adam is one of the most empathetic, intelligent, hard-working Creative Directors I have ever worked with. He is the type of person who will burn the midnight oil with you to hit a deadline, but stay positive and energetic throughout. He is a leader, but he is also adept at rolling up his sleeves and getting the work done. I'd leap at the chance to work with him again.
Adam Kauder, Director of Content Strategy
Fantasy Interactive
Adam is a skilled, conscientious and level-headed creative. Methodical, detailed and inspiring are words that come to mind, For anyone reading this, you may be seduced by the more flattering adjectives but level-headed is the most flattering of all. Being able to work with fast turnarounds, accommodating whims and ridiculous levels of expectation without a noticeable shift in active, is the mark of a true pro.
Michael Hart, Creative Director
The Union Advertising Agency
I consider myself fortunate to have had the privilege of working alongside Adam. His impact on our projects was nothing short of transformative. His strategic insights and innovative thinking consistently pushed our team to new heights. I found myself constantly inspired by his mentorship and genuine investment in the team's growth. If you're seeking an Creative Director who can drive meaningful change and inspire teams, Adam is an outstanding choice.
Krista Adkins, Director of Production
Fantasy Interactive
I recently had the privilege of working alongside Adam, where he consistently showcased his exceptional creative leadership. Adam not only generates innovative solutions but also fosters a harmonious work environment through his open-mindedness and ability to connect with others. His innate ability to inspire and support team members, coupled with his friendly demeanour, makes him an asset to any organization looking for a creative leader who not only excels in his role but also enhances the overall team dynamics.
Stephen Loper, Product Manager
Fantasy Interactive
Exceptional Creative Visionary and Leader. 
Adam possesses an unparalleled ability to transform innovative ideas into impactful campaigns that captivate audiences and push the boundaries of creativity.

What sets Adam apart is his visionary approach to problem-solving and talent for fostering a collaborative and inspiring work environment. Under Adam’s leadership, I witnessed his teams flourish, encouraged by his open-mindedness and approachability.
Chris Galvin, Director of Production
Fantasy Interactive
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